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Injector Removal

We at Sharp Autos can remove these and save a costly set of injectors or an entire cylinder head.

Our custom made equipment provides the flexibility to perform injector removal on almost all makes of vehicles.

Common rail diesel extraction is necessary due to rust and carbon build up around the injector causing the steel of the injector to fuse to the alloy of the cylinder head – this problem is generally referred to as a stuck or frozen diesel injector.

Out of all cars with diesel injector troubles, some of the worst offending engines are the Peugeot / Citreon 16v hdi diesels and the Vauxhall Vivaro/ Renault Trafic vans.

We design and develop the majority of our tools, which means that we are not stuck with the limitations of purchased equipment. This approach means that we can continue to remove injectors even when other avenues have failed.

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